Latest news

BATMAN project

ENTERS received a 25MNOK financing for a three year from the NFR to work on material management of batteries. The project name stands for: Lithium ion BATteries – Norwegian opportunities within sustainable end-of-life MANagement, reuse and new material streams.

This project is coordinated by the EYDE cluster, and in collaboration with ELKEM, Glencore, NTNU.

ENTERS Seminar

Members of ENTERS have had the joy of traveling to the beautiful island of Sandøya, outside Tvedestrand to define the mission of ENTERS. The isolation in a place surrounded by nature, combined with a high level of motivation triggered the right amount of creativity, enabling us to envision the future of ENTERS.

Climathon 2018

ENTERS has organized the first Climathon at UiA. It was a great success and many students attended, therefore ENTERS will organize the next Climathon, the 25th October 2019. We hope to see many students joining this fight against climate change!