The current industrial model, also called linear model, can be summarized as “take, make and dispose” where one product is created, used, and discarded. This can no longer satisfy the societal needs. To look beyond that and meet the sustainable needs of society a change of paradigm is required. Circular economy offers the possibility of a secured future with a regenerative and restorative design. Waste becomes by-products, negative impacts are minimized, and the green shift becomes a priority. Services are created to help restore, repair and prolongate the lifetime of products. Recycling becomes an important part of the value-chain, and renewable energies are powering our cars, houses and buildings.

ENTERS aims at developing circular economy solutions in the Agder region and in Norway, first by getting more involved in the teaching at the University of Agder, then by creating strong collaboration on projects between the local industries and the university.

Our vision: Engaging sustainability on all levels

ENTERS wants to promote sustainability as the new way of doing business. Circular economy is a good example of how by cutting waste streams, many business models can be developed to create jobs and lead to solid economic growth. However, ENTERS doesn’t want to restrict itself to only circular economy, but rather englobe sustainability as the convergence of the society needs, economic growth and the environment.